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 on Monday, April 9, 2018  

Facebook Live Video Streaming | As soon as somebody develops an audience through regular videos, they typically get the concept of having a live broadcast. This phenomenon was seen very plainly when YouTube started presenting a function that enables you to set up "broadcast" and host sessions that would movie your "program" live.

Individuals and companies that have streamed live on the Web have actually seen this as a wonderful marketing opportunity that uses one the ability to engage with fans or consumers straight with on-the-spot actions to concerns that show up in the chat box. On December 4, 2015, Facebook piloted a similar platform for people who have gone through the social network's confirmation process.

Facebook Live Video Streaming?

Much like videos that instantly play as you scroll through them on your news feed, live-streamed videos will begin playing as you see them. The only distinction is that they will be depicting something that is happening right now instead of a video sequence that has actually been filmed in the past. This will allow you to ideally have time to connect with the banner.

Facebook's intent with this is to offer people and business a new way to market themselves and interest an audience that might desire to view them "in the now.".

The video can be filmed from any device suitable with the "Facebook Mentions" app, which includes virtually any smart device or tablet.

Can I Live Stream?

On December 4th when Facebook piloted its live streaming feature, it did so with the objective of only permitting confirmed pages to utilize it. As soon as this feature captures on, the requirements for using it will maybe be widened.

If you handle a page on Facebook, it's not really difficult to verify it. You can do this by following the actions that the social media lists in its own understanding base here. If you are running a business' page, the confirmation process would perhaps go more solidly if you uploaded the documents you utilized to incorporate.

Why Cannot Regular Users ... Use It?

For the time being (a minimum of at the time I composed this), Facebook is just allowing specific pages to use its brand-new feature. This possibly is inspired by the restrictions of infrastructure and bandwidth, however it stems more so from the truth that the feature is still in its "alpha" phase. Users who tested live streaming on Facebook have reported various bugs that the platform still has to settle. Considering that it's still in the development phase, it's extremely possible that live streaming will remain unavailable to the public for quite a long time. The function might not even endure long enough to reach the masses.

Either method, having a live video feed seems to be a thing that might only work to business, celebrities, and others who have an audience totalling a minimum of numerous thousand to numerous countless individuals.

Facebook Live Video Streaming

There are a few restrictions though and as mentioned, you need a Facebook PAGE:.

- Video Resolution: max 720p (1280 x 720 or 720 x 1280), 30 frames per second.
- Key-Frame Period of 1 every 2 seconds.
- Max bit rate 4000Kbps.
- Rate control: CBR.
- 240 minute (4 hour) maximum length.
- Audio Sample Rate: 44.1 KHz.
- Audio Bitrate: 128 Kbps mono or stereo.

To begin a stream you need to first go to your Facebook Page, then at the top click on "Publishing Tools" (if you do not see the Publishing Tools your page is most likely not opened for Live Streaming yet, contact Facebook to learn whats required), on the left click on "Videos" then on the top right click "Live":.

A popup will appear with the needed info for OBS.

In my example screenshot OBS-Studio lets you choose Facebook Live as a Streaming Service, so you only need to copy over the Stream Key and OBS will make certain you do not go beyond the max bitrate or key-frame interval limitation of Facebook:.

Important: The Server URL and Stream Key can just be utilized for a single Live preview/post connection. You need to use the very same URL and key to sneak peek and post. That is, you can not sneak peek, stop the stream, and then resume at a later time. The URL and Secret stand for 7 days. As soon as you sneak peek the video, you have up to 5 hours to go live. If you need more time, produce a new stream key closer to the event time.

Now we can set OBS to fulfill Facebook's optimum Video Resolution and maximum FPS in the Video settings (1280x720 and 30FPS) You can of course stream at a lower resolution and FPS period but not higher. And Facebook recommends you to stream at an aspect ratio of 16:9:.

Depending on your Output Resolution and FPS you can set your desired bitrate, remember the maximum is 4000kbps:.

Examine out some guides on ways to discover the very best bitrate if you are unsure exactly what to pick.

Make sure all your other settings (Audio specifically), scene and source configuration are done prior to you begin going live. If you mistakenly begin and stop your stream you will have to develop a new live video and copy over the brand-new stream key.

As quickly as you are ready to begin click on the Sneak peek Button in the bottom right of the Facebook "Create live video" popup. The next popup will enable you to sneak peek your stream. At this moment you are not reside on Facebook yet but I got a horrible echo from the sneak peek and needed to silence my Tab on Chrome to get rid of it. I hope Facebook will soon reveal you some controls to mute the preview. In the meantime simply mute your Tab till that holds true. Firefox and Chrome both should have this alternative, not sure about Opera or IE.

You can now go into a Post message, provide the Video a title, include tags as well as tag individuals before going live. And you can also begin the Stream in your Software application and it need to appear in the Popup Window:.

After you went into whatever and if your stream is online, the "Go Live" button will be blue as you can see in this example, which means you are now prepared to go live. Click "Go Live" to do so.

After you are done with your Stream you can click "End Live Video" to stop being Live on Facebook. The video will be saved and should soon appear in your Video Library of your Facebook Page:.

That's about it. You can now stream your material to Facebook and release it on your Facebook Page. Keep in mind, the next time you begin a Facebook stream you need to upgrade your Stream Secret.

If that's all we can tell about Facebook Live Video Streaming I hope this article was helpful thank you.
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