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 on Saturday, March 17, 2018  

Facebook Messenger Log Out | Men, most of you may be using Facebook messenger on your Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. It's extremely versatile, fast and instinctive as well as I'm likewise using it on my Android phone. But the main problem that occurs mainly with Facebook messenger is that you can't logout of it.

So, due to this problem you would constantly stress while providing your mobile phone in somebody else' hand. For example, if your mother, dad or bro desires your mobile phone for a few days, then you might afraid of offering them your phone due to constantly active Facebook messenger.

Facebook Messenger Log Out


So, if you're feeling these problems with Facebook messenger, then let me tell you that you can extremely quickly and 100% logout from Facebook messenger but yes, Facebook messenger doesn't provide any alternative for it.

In reality, to do so you've to visit your Facebook account on PC or smart device through web browser. Don't worry, I compiled extremely basic actions to teach you, the best ways to logout of Facebook Messenger in Android or other gadget.

Actions to Logout of Facebook Messenger in All Devices

Friends, check out these actions very thoroughly and use them as I pointed out here. By using these basic steps, you can easily logout from Facebook messenger in your Android device.

Action 1: First of all, go to Facebook on your PC or laptop computer and log in with your ID and Password. Now, click the Triangular Icon on the Facebook alert bar and select Settings.


Action 2: Next, Click Security in the left panel of screen and after that look for the term Where You're Logged In (in the right area) and click Edit link in front of it.


Action 3: Inside, Where You're Logged In panel, you'll see where else your Facebook account is checked in so that you can easily from another location log it out. Now, find the Messenger and click on End Activity.


After ending the activity of messenger, simply aim to open your Facebook messenger in your Android phone. So, exactly what you'll see that the Facebook messenger will ask you for your password and after that just you can use the messenger.

The Alternate Method: By Changing Password.

It is the best alternate technique to logout of Facebook messenger in your Android device. So, as everybody often changes their Facebook account password and its helpful in numerous methods. The main advantage of altering your Facebook account password is that you can from another location logout your Facebook account on all other gadgets.

For altering your Facebook account password in PC or laptop computer, check out this short article and for Android users, this short article will help to change password. After altering your password, don't forget to check the term "Log me from other devices" as revealed in following image.


As quickly as you inspect this term and click Submit, you will be automatically logged out of your Facebook messenger, even you're using it on Android, iPhone, Windows phone or any other device. So, Problem Solved! I hope this resource will solve out your issue of logging out of Facebook messenger in Android or any other device you own. Thus the article Facebook Messenger Log Out from us, hopefully useful thank you.
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