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 on Monday, February 5, 2018  

Post A Poll On Facebook, Are the opinions of your consumers or prospective consumers, valuable to you? If you are like the most brand names out there, your answer would be yes. In that case, what do you do to collect opinions? Have you attempted Poll on Facebook? It's actually very simple to utilize and reliable tool. Let's check out Facebook Poll feature from the marketing viewpoint.

Post A Poll On Facebook


These days, polls and votes are the most talked about words due to the Gujarat Assembly Election. But, we will not enter into those political aspects. Let's focus on the Facebook Poll for the marketing of your product or services.

What is Facebook Poll or Facebook Study?

It's a two question system. Survey on Facebook permits users to post just 2 question surveys. So, your fans and followers can enact your surveys in News Feed itself. In this manner you can gather their opinion and act upon the analysis of poll outcomes. This feature is offered to profiles and pages both.

Though it's not a total study tool, online marketers have actually found work around and are utilizing Facebook Survey as Facebook Study likewise!

Somewhere between 2011-2013 Facebook used this function of polls, but it got terminated. Now Poll on Facebook has reemerged to the scene after acquisition of TBH, a polling app highly popular among teenagers of America.

Unlike elections taking place in the real life, Facebook Polls are not confidential. Once you cast your vote towards one of the choices, all the individuals and the developer of that Survey on Facebook will be able to see your vote.

Kinds Of Facebook Poll?

As if now you have actually got 3 choices.

  • Facebook Survey with text.

  • Facebook Poll with Images or Photos.

  • Facebook Poll with GIFs.

In Facebook Survey with text, your options of options remain in the text. You can use optimal 25 characters in text alternatives. But, if you wish to take a vote on visuals you can use Survey on Facebook with Image or Pictures. If you wish to show something animated choose GIF as your option.

How to produce a poll on Facebook Page?

Creating a poll on Facebook Company Page is extremely simple. Go to your Facebook Page and enjoy the status box. There you need to have the ability to see 8 choices and a See All link. Click See All link and Produce a Survey alternative will show up. Click that to start.


Describe your survey in 'ask something' area. Now you have to decide whether this Facebook Survey is going to be a text, image or GIF survey. If it's a text poll just start writing text of as much as 25 characters in choice 1 and option 2. If this is an image based Survey on Facebook you require to submit images from your computer system for both the choices. But if this Facebook Poll on page is going to be a GIF poll then you have 2 choices. Initially, discover GIFs from Facebook GIF Browse. Second, utilize the connect to a GIF.


As if now you can not straight connect GIFs from your computer system. Nevertheless, you can utilize your very own GIFs by submitting to your server and placing the links of the same.

Now, you can choose the period of this Facebook Poll. Whether you wish to run it for a day or a week or customized duration. Entire control remains in your hands.

After this, you can choose to post Facebook Poll immediately or schedule it for a later date and time.

When the Facebook Survey duration ends, Facebook will send a notice to see the outcomes of the poll to all who got involved in that particular survey.

As if now these surveys are not qualified for boost.

How to develop a survey on Facebook Group?

Survey on Facebook Group is bit different than the Poll on Facebook Brand Page or Personal Profile. The necessary difference, choices of response choice are not limited to two options. You can include options according to your need and requirements. Even more, you can have only text in concern and choice of responses. No Image, No GIF is allowed at this minute for Survey on Facebook Group.

To post a Poll on Facebook group, navigate to the status box of the group. There you should see the second sign as Poll. Click that to start.


At the same time, you can produce an open poll where anybody can add alternatives to your basic choices. Even more, if you want, you can allow users to choose more than one option. For this, you just have to examine a box in poll alternatives.

Most Facebook Groups consist of similar people or people who share the comparable interests. So, when you are planning some activity and want your members to give input Facebook Poll shows to be an incredibly useful tool. When you publish a survey in Facebook Group it will be visible to all the members. Based upon notice settings few of them will get notified about your Facebook Survey.

Attempt it in any of your group.

The best ways to produce a survey on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger the rising phenomena. I strongly believe Facebook Messenger is the next huge thing in marketing. But, for today's discussion, let's focus on Facebook Poll in Messenger.
This function works just if you have Facebook Messenger Group. It's apparent there is no point of the vote when the interaction is one on one.

Head to Facebook Messenger and pick a Facebook Messenger Group. A brand-new window for that group messenger will open. From bottom choose Create Poll option. Ask the question and include alternatives based on your requirement. Here again Facebook Poll is not limited to two concerns, but whatever needs to be text just. No support for Images or GIFs.



Once ready, click Create Poll button. Now all the members of this messenger group will have the ability to vote. At the exact same time, they will have an option to include new alternatives. Further, anytime you decide to change your viewpoint or you want to choose more than one alternative simply click Modification Vote.

Facebook Poll Advantages in Marketing.
Survey on Facebook can assist you in lots of ways:.

1. Preferences: You can use Facebook Surveys to understand about preferences for item, design, slogan, services, area, dates, and so on from a neighborhood which is essential to your organisation. This can help you much better comprehend your fan neighborhood.

2. Feedback: You can think about having feedback from the real users of your products. May be you can determine their satisfaction level with your product or services.
Engagement: Poll on Facebook can assist you engage your audience. Instead of writing, the target audience can express their viewpoint, just in a click. Such convenience and inconspicuous look and feel of survey aid increase engagement rate easier.

3. Fast Choice: As Poll on Facebook works on real-time reaction system so the immediate analysis is possible. This helps in reducing the time required to take a choice.


Post A Poll On Facebook, If you are not using Facebook Poll in your Facebook Marketing yet, you are losing a chance to engage your fans and target audience. Attempt it today. However, keep in mind to ask concerns which are helpful to you in marketing. Also, share your experience and opinions in the talk about this blog.
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