How Do You Add Videos to Facebook

 on Tuesday, February 6, 2018  

How Do You Add Videos To Facebook, Whether you've got a long video you shot on your video camera from a show you have actually been to or a short clip of among your buddies acting silly at a party that you shot on your smartphone, it's fast and typically relatively easy to share that video to Facebook. Here, we reveal you how to upload a video to Facebook and tag your buddies. Read next: 13 Facebook ideas and techniques

How Do You Add Videos To Facebook

Ways to publish a video to Facebook on your computer

If you're using Facebook on your desktop or laptop computer, you'll initially need to get your video onto your computer (this may need a cable television or the SD card from your cam, or perhaps just a WiFi connection, depending upon your cam and computer's capabilities).

The finest format to upload your video in is MP4, but different other formats are also supported. (Also see: Ways to turn off notices in Facebook Messenger.).


Now, you can go to Facebook and click the Add Photos/Video button at the top of your News Feed or Timeline.

You can now click 'Upload Photos/Video' and pick your video.

When you've selected the video you wish to submit, tap open. It'll now appear in your status bar and you can include a caption or description of your video before pressing 'Post' to share it with your buddies.

If you wish to tag buddies that appear in your video, click the video to expand it and then click the 'Tag video' button. From here you can include a title to your video if you didn't already add one, you can modify the description of your video (adding tags within the text is simple too-- just begin typing a good friend's name and then click on them when they appear automatically in a drop down menu), and you can type the names of the people you were with simply underneath the description to tag them. Check out next: The best ways to obstruct apps demands on Facebook.

You can also include an area for your video here, and modify the date and time that the video was uploaded/filmed.

Now you can tap Completed modifying to make the changes public.

Ways to upload a video to Facebook on your smartphone or tablet.


If you're using the Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet to submit a video to Facebook the process is a small bit different.


In the app, tap 'Image' at the top of the screen and after that you'll be faced with the images and videos kept on your gadget. Pick the video you want to submit and press 'Done'.

You can type a caption or description about the video, include an area and tag friends by tapping on the text entry area, and after that you can tap 'Post' to share it with your pals.

Often it takes a little while for your video to upload, especially if it's a long one, however Facebook will alert you when it's all set to view.

How to Upload HD Video on Facebook from your iPhone

Each time I submit a video on to Facebook it leaves my phone in lovely HD, yet when it gets released, it's terrible low-definition. I presumed it was merely since Facebook compresses and does not allow HD Video. Today to my wonder I found a setting, "Upload HD Video". It was off. I never even understood there was such a setting!

How do I upload HD Videos to Facebook from my iPhone?

Here's how you enable your iphone for HD video upload to facebook:.

  • Go to your iphone settings.

  • Scroll down and click the Facebook icon.

  • At the top, click "Settings".

  • Down the screen under "Video" enable the "Upload HD" option.

Step By Step Guide Image Guide.


If that's all we can tell about How Do You Add Videos To Facebook I hope this article was helpful thank you.
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